Apple Sued over OS X’s Snappy Start-up Time

Here is one case when Microsoft’s Windows’ slow startup time may help them out. A Florida company, named Operating System Solutions (OSS), is suing Apple, saying that they infringed on a patent of theirs to give Mac OS X a quick boot-time.

The supposed infringed patent covers:

A method for fast booting a computer system, comprising the steps of: A. performing a power on self test (POST) of basic input output system (BIOS) when the system is powered on or reset is requested; B. checking whether a boot configuration information including a system booting state which was created while executing a previous normal booting process exists or not; C. storing the boot configuration information from execution of the POST operation before loading a graphic interface (GUI) program, based on the checking result; and D. loading the graphic user interface (GUI) program.

No specific version of OS X was named in the lawsuit filing, but it says that Apple sells computers in its area “including, but not limited to the MacBook Pro, that utilize the Mac OS X operating system”. This particular patent is interesting because this patent was originally issued to LG Electronics in 2002, and then in 2008 it was reissued to OSS.  OSS said that it owns “all right, title and interest” to the patent. LG isn’t part of the lawsuit. Additionally, no one knows what OSS actually does.

Another oddity is that OSS is seeking injunctive relief from court. An injunctive relief asks a court for a non-monetary ruling, but this case asks for damages and immediate “destruction of all remaining advertisements, circulars, brochures, or other promotional or advertising items, Web site, or other materials for the infringing method”.

Sounds like, maybe, a company who can’t compete with Apple is just trying to win in patent lawsuits?


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