Apple Releases Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

Apple today released a Lion Recovery Disk Assistant for people who have Macs that don’t support Lion Internet Recovery. This new utility helps Mac users running OS X Lion to get their computers up and going and again if they have problems with their boot drive. This is a good step in the correct direction but doesn’t resolve concerns about having the OS on media (USB flash drive, DVDs/CDs, etc.) that you can reinstall from. People may still want to shell out $69 when OS X Lion is released by Apple on a USB drive in August 2011 (this month).

To download the file, go to . Make sure you have a USB drive, CD, etc. which has at least 1 GB of space. Be sure to back up files because when you install the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant the installer will wipe out all existing files off your media.

If you would rather create an actual Lion installer without the need to pay $69, click here.

If you have already installed Lion on your Mac (like stupid me), then go to the Mac App Store, and find OS X Lion. Don’t click on it yet! Hold down the option key and click on OS X Lion. You will see an option to ‘Install’. Hold down the option key again and click ‘Install’. Enter your Apple ID/password. Install the file, and then you can follow the rest of the instructions here. Ta-da!