OS X Lion USB drives now Available for Purchase from Apple

The $69 Lion installer Apple announced last month is now available in Apple Stores and at Apple Online (here). So for those of you who don’t have broadband internet connection, now you can upgrade to Lion. They resemble the Snow Leopard sticks that shipped with those late 2010 MacBook Airs (cool design).

This USB drive’s installer is almost identical to the one you can download through the Mac App Store. There is one difference though. Those installing Lion through the USB stick will not have a Recovery HD drive created. (Basically, you won’t be able to use Lion Recovery.) Rather, if your computer ever encounters a problem, you would have to boot from that USB drive to help you, or you can go to the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store.

Alternatively, if you do have broadband internet, you should just go to the Mac App Store instead. If you are going to buy that $69 drive just for backup, you should instead just get a 8 GB flash drive (Amazon has cheap ones) and follow instructions here. Those instructions will help you make a Lion USB installer that would be identical to the ones Apple is selling.

If you already have an old flash drive but doesn’t have 5 GB or more, than you can still create a Lion Recovery USB (as long as you have at least 1 GB of space). The difference between this one and the one above is that with the one mentioned in this paragraph, you would need to re-download Lion over the internet if you need to reinstall Lion on a Mac. With the one mentioned in the previous paragraph, you don’t need Internet connection to re-install OS X Lion. For instructions on using Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, go here.

Once you’re done, make sure you find a safe place to put your USB flash drive.


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