Access the iBlog Easily from the Home Screen of your iOS Device

Like the iBlog? Well, if you want to have easy access to the iBlog on your iOS device, then guess what? This is a tutorial on how to create a shortcut!

Go to the Safari web browser on your device and type in “”. If you’re on iPad, you should see the iPad flip version of the iBlog. If you’re on iPhone/iPod touch, you should see the mobile version of the iBlog. To create the shortcut: On iPad, tap the Share button. (It shows an arrow coming out of a box.) It is directly to the left of the URL bar. It will show a few options. Tap “Add to Home Screen”. You will see a screen where you can create a name for the shortcut. I typed in “iBlog” as the title. Then, tap “Add”. The icon will be a high-res AirDrop wooden Safari white Apple logo on a black background.

On iPhone/iPod touch, go to Safari and locate the Share button. It is the center button at the bottom, next to the bookmarks button. Tap that, go to “Add to Home Screen”, give it a name, and tap “Add”. Voila!

Done! Now, tap the icon on your iOS device and you will be automatically taken to the iBlog!


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