How to Get Cool Multitasking Gestures for the iPad in iOS 4.3

Did you know that iOS 5 is coming with a feature that’s multitasking gestures? They’re like the ones in the developer beta of iOS 4.3. Unfortunately, Apple removed them when they released the official version. If you want to get them back right now, this how-to is right for you. It works with both iPad and iPad 2. Please Note: This tutorial does require you to have a Mac.

Tired of waiting for iOS 5? Yeah, so am I. Let’s begin!

  1. Download the latest version of Xcode. This includes all the developer instruments and programs. Watch out: This package of developer tools will take up a whopping 7 GB of hard drive space! Go to the Mac App Store and search for “Xcode” Download it for free.
  2. It will download an installer. Run the installer, and wait for it to finish.
  3. Launch Xcode and plug in your iPad through the cable. At the left, there is a sidebar, and then go under ‘Devices’, and then select your iPad. There is a button that says ‘Use for Development’. Click it. You will be prompted to enter a developer login and password, so just hit ‘Cancel’ (unless you do have a developer account). Don’t worry about the error message that pops up.
  4. Disconnect your iPad and go to ‘Settings’. Under ‘General’, there will be an option (called ‘Multitasking Gestures’) to toggle it on or off. Toggle it on. And now, you have multitasking gestures on your iPad!

There is no harm to doing this. I actually sync my iPad to a PC, and I have had no problems at all. So there you have it, an easy way (without jail breaking your iPad) to get multitasking gestures on to your iPad. Congratulations!

P.S. I just noticed, this is also the iBlog’s 100th post!