Reach Out and Make the iBlog Better Known! [Letter from the Editor]

Fellow readers,

As you know, the iBlog is devoted to delivering cutting-edge information related to Apple. The thing is, not that many people in the Apple community know about this site. We need you, the reader, to help us gain more views, and we need your help to keep going. With your help, we will be better known.

The iBlog has only around 2,300 total views so far since its debut in August 2011. On average, it gets only 5-7 views a day.

If you really like this site for Apple news, please tell your friends about it. Here at the iBlog, we are committed to delivering high-quality and useful information. Together, we can do this and transform the iBlog into an even better place.

Thanks for reading,

William [The Editor]

P.S. Don’t forget to bookmark the iBlog on your iOS home screen!