Real Racing 3 – William’s Review

On February 28th, 2013, Electronic Arts (EA) officially launched Real Racing 3 (RR3), the third iteration of the very popular Real Racing series. RR3 was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated iOS games of all time.

For this review, I tested RR3 on an iPod touch (5th generation) and an iPad 2.


  • Real, detailed cars
  • Real tracks
  • Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM)
  • Stunning graphics
  • Many events
  • Lots of fun

In RR3, the cars, such as the BMW Z4 and Ford Shelby GT500 are incredibly detailed and drive quite realistically. When racing, you actually notice live reflections off the vehicle of things such as the track and other cars. Rear-view mirrors are a welcome addition. Real tracks, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway make you feel like you’re actually there. Time Shifted Multiplayer enables you to use Game Center and race one day while a friend races you the next day using an AI dummy car representing your recorded race. When your friend races you, he/she can actually affect your total race time and outcome.

In Real Racing 3, you don’t want to collide with other cars, because when you do, your car gets damaged. Repairing your car costs money. However, RR3 is still lots of fun, and honestly, I couldn’t put it down after a while.


  • Tons of in-app purchases
  • Freemium model

The biggest problem with RR3 is that it’s free to download at first, but basically needs in-app purchases to progress unless you’re patient enough to earn money and gold, which are distributed in meager amounts. It’s a free premium game, hence “freemium”. It’s sad that EA has taken one of their of most popular brands and converted it to a freemium model, which apparently makes more money over the long term. With Real Racing 2, you bought it, and you owned it. For real. Not with RR3, which is actually extremely disappointing.

In Conclusion…

Real Racing 3 is one of the finest games on the App Store at the moment. However, even with all of its features, it’s tainted by the freemium model.

William’s Verdict: 7/10 stars