How Secure is Your Password?

How secure is your password? The most common passwords are phrases such as “password” and “123456”. However, to be secure online these days, you need to have different, and (somewhat) complex passwords for every login you have.

With How Secure is My Password?, you can see how secure your password is. It isn’t transferred over the Internet, since it is done locally instead. It is a really great site, and you can also see the most common passwords people use. I recommend that you check it out!

Somewhat deviating from the topic, you can also use password managers such as 1Password to securely store your passwords, credit cards, software licenses, and even Social Security info. (Check out the AgileBits blog here.) If you can wait, iCloud Keychain will be coming this fall with OS X Mavericks and iOS 7, bringing native Safari integration and iCloud syncing to help you fill in your passwords and credit cards automatically.

2 thoughts on “How Secure is Your Password?

    • Apple states that they cannot access any of your passwords. Apple also states that iCloud Keychain uses 256-bit AES encryption. That is an industry standard. But if you really want to be secure, I don’t suggest using cloud services for your passwords. It’s ultimately a balance between convenience and security.
      But to answer your question, it should be pretty secure.

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