Apple seeds a pair of OS X Mavericks updates internally

I hope this comes out soon. is pain.


3 thoughts on “Apple seeds a pair of OS X Mavericks updates internally

  1. zoidbert says:

    I replied to you over @ 9to5mac, but agreed. What is surprising is that no one who tested this internally at Apple had any problems with Mail.

    What’s odder — and I mentioned this at 9to5mac — is that my problems are persistent across multiple apps. I have a “Synchronizing with Server” problem no matter what app I’m using: Mail, Unibox, or Airmail. The activity window (in Mail & Airmail; I don’t see one in Unibox) is constantly active in mapping IMAP folders, even after letting Airmail run for several days.

    The weird thing is that oddities carry over to the website: when I’m logged in and using that for my mail activity, I get constant pauses and rainbow wheels. That didn’t happen before.

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