Discussion Rules

At William’s iBlog, we believe in the power of commenting and discussion. Comments on this site are moderated, and we do have a few guidelines to share with you.

These rules govern comments on posts, pages, and discussion threads. Even if someone else breaks the rules, it does not provide a valid excuse for you to break the rules. Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Every person is responsible for his/her comments and actions. William’s iBlog accepts no responsibility for comments posted on this site. Views expressed by commenters are their own and do not reflect those of William’s iBlog.

Abstain from… 

  • … flamewars between fanboys/girls
  • … foul/inappropriate language
  • … attacking people personally and directly
  • … harassing people
  • … threatening others
  • … unwarranted trolling
  • … off topic comments

Recommended Practices

  • If you have nothing constructive or insightful to contribute, don’t post.
  • Do not repeatedly post useless one-word comments. (e.g. “LOL”)
  • Refrain from posting the same thing over and over again.
  • Do not post or reference pirated content (software, music, movies, etc.) or other illicit sites.
  • Only post things that you would be comfortable having your friends and close family seeing.

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