The iPod, announced in 2001, was a revolutionary device that allowed you to carry thousands of songs, right in your pocket.

iPod touch – This revolutionary touch screen device is based on the iPhone. (An iPhone without a Phone) Its gorgeous 4-inch Retina Display along with its blazing fast dual-core A5 chip delivers an excellent bang for your buck. It’s just $229 for the 5th-generation (16 GB) without iSight camera, Loop, and color choices; and starts at $299 for the 5th-generation(32 GB/64 GB) (with everything).

iPod nano – The iPod nano is a continually evolving product. The 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display allows you to really easily navigate through music, movies, photos, and other content. For just $149 with 16 GB.

iPod shuffle – iPod shuffle is the only iPod not to have a display. It uses VoiceOver and click wheels, giving you verbal feedback on the fly. For just $49.